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Aryeh Fredman, Law
, Notary and Mediation Office

Aryeh Fredman, Law, Notary and Mediation Office, is a professional, expert, innovative and dynamic law office, which grants a new concept of excellence, quality, availability and success, for the law services that the clients receive.  

The special service begins with the uncompromising legal excellence, which every advocate in the office is endowed with: Starting with the fact that the lawyers concluded the first and second degrees in law with special distinction, continuing with advanced studies and further completions in Israel and abroad for an advanced degree in "business law", with constant updating and profound understanding in law and business, and concluding with a network of legal connections with the best advocates and law specialists from the practice and from the academy, each one in his field, all together woven into a special framework which assures that the client will receive the best legal advice possible. 
In other words: ''Everything that can possibly be done – we will perform and execute it at its best, and everything that is impossible, we will use the best tools and legal advice to try and turn that impossible – into possible reality''. 

Our clients receive legal service at the highest level possible, putting an emphasis on the client's needs, goals and ambitions. The office is available and ready to supply an immediate reply and advice, 24 hours a day.

About Our Office

Our office founded in 2007, represents advice and accompanies: private clients, initiators, investors, companies, businesses, partnerships, and non-profit organizations in Israel and abroad, in the domains of business law and employment law, covering all their aspects, and in carrying out agreements and contracts - mainly in real estate and technology. In addition, the firm specializes in litigation - conducting lawsuits and managing defense from prosecution in all courts, jurisdictions and legal authorities including rabbinical courts.
Thus, our office achieved a few imported legal precedents, in different instances. Likewise, the office deals with family law and Mediation in a special innovative way.

The office has a variety of clients starting with individuals, partnerships, through private companies and ending with huge private corporations.

Hence our office develops and accompanies continuously enterprises and corporations and deals with all the legal aspects of these corporations. Beginning with the level of initiator's idea then through the forming of the corporation and ending with the providing of the most successful legal tools to bring on prosperity to the company and to increase its profits, including designing agreements, creating local and international deals and contracts, and representation in courts according to need. Our office represents corporations from quite a number of fields such as Hi-Tech, transportation food and education.

Our office brings together is expertise in labor law in corporations, to provide our clients with added value in the field of their own labor relationships.

Our office provides full service and assistance in both English and Hebrew languages and all our employees speaks English and Hebrew fluently on a mother-tongues level.

Areas of Practice

Business and Commercial Law:
Comprehensive advice, representation of clients, accompaniment for companies, businesses, initiators, investors and Non-profit organization including international deals and transactions.

Labor Law:
Advice and representation for employees and employers.

Commercial, private and real estate.

Personal Status:
Prenuptial agreements, divorce, legacies and wills.

Administrative Law:
Administrative petitions, municipal levies and tenders.

Adv. Aryeh Fredman is an authorized mediator
, he is listed in the courts mediators list, and has much experience in conducting mediations in a variety of fields, while applying solutions and using creative methods and a psychological, sociological and economical approach. In our office there is a special and unique mediation room.

Notary service: signature verification, translation verification (English), confirmations and wills, in the office or at the client site (in any hour – if needed, after coordination) with skills and quickness, including appropriate advice and guidance.

Why Should You Choose Our Office?

There are many law offices, but our office tries (and succeeds) to be in the front row among the best top offices.

In order to hold this high standard, our office is proud to apply a special high criterion of service to each client, so that the client should receive the best law product in the most comfortable and kind manner.

This special service applies to the following fields:

There are many law firms, but in how many of them can you call the advocate that is dealing with your case directly on is mobile phone and receive an answer (without leaving a message by the secretary and hoping that sooner or later someone will call you back) ?

Our office is available 24 hours a-day by phone. Also the mobile private number of all the advocates in the office is available by principal 24 hours. This means that you can speak at first hand, at all times, directly with the lawyer without going through a secretary and through a tiring trail of leaving messages. In any case of a phone call (even to the mobile phone of the lawyer) that is unanswered,  the advocate compels himself to call back to the client as soon as possible and not later than one workday. This kind of availability has no precedent.

The working hours in the office are stretched according to the needs, and it is standard routine that meetings are held also in the small hours of the night, according to the needs of the client.

Since the office has clients from abroad, the firm is prepared and experienced in supplying law services abroad, according to the client's needs. 

The level of courtesy and pleasantness in the interaction between the client and the whole law team in the office is the pride and spirit of our firm. You just have to give it a try in order to understand.

In a law case, that may sometimes take years, and has affected many times on complicated issues concerning the client, and are sometimes bonded with emotions and loaded feelings, there is a cardinal importance in the experience that the client receives from the lawyer's office dealing with his case.

We do our utmost, that this experience should pass in the most pleasant heartily manner possible and we serve as an "open ear" to the client's needs in order to give the full assistance in the best manner possible.

There are many law firms, but how many of them will invest all the time that is needed to take care of the client's needs in a thorough and detailed manner ?

How many of them will sew the contract or the judicial documents stitch after stitch to meet the client's exact measurements and needs, Taking every detail into consideration and producing the best possible output that will maximally serve the client ?

Our office is the most thorough that passably can, beginning from the reception of the client's case on through a thorough studying of all the details and relevant documents, continuing with a formalization of the correct strategy, having in mind the best possible required goal to benefit the client and that will withstand firmly in all the types of tests.  

Besides the high level of professionalism that of course is required in this field, the world of law updates itself constantly. I.e. there are many law offices, but how need to choose one how meets a high level of Professionalism, and how keep updated with all the current innovations and ideas which could actually change the whole picture in the client's case. In addition your lawyer should be generally educated in other fields other than law (for example - economy) fields which have many important impacts on the correct path of advice given to the client.

All the lawyers in our office have both first and second degrees in law, generally with special excellence. All our advocates have really special profound understanding in law and have significant orientation in economy, backed with learning economy courses.

All the lawyers in our office participate annually on a regular basis, in a number of continuing education programs, and investing a few hours each week in keeping up with all the new law innovations relevant to the practice of the office and to the different cases.  

Order, Efficiency, Speed and Client Updating
There are many law firms, but how many of them keep in exemplary order all the important documentation which the client invested in their hands, actual documents as well as the digital ones ? How many of them are prepared and organized to deal with your matters in the most efficient and swift manner ? How many of them take the trouble to update the client regularly in writing, about every advancement and development in his case ?

Our office keeps all of the clients' documents in an actual format as well as in a digital - virtual format all in exemplary order over a period of many years. The special actual\virtual order method that was developed in our office, promises the availability of the documents and the judicial information in the files for many years to come in a swift and efficient manner.

Our office equipped with an advanced, innovative working environment, linked up at the highest level, so that we can promise the best, swiftest and most efficient attention and handling to meet your needs.

Your matter will be dealt in our office in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, and you will receive an orderly update about every development and progress that is in your concern: in writing or directly, according to the circumstances.

Our Team

Adv. Aryeh Fredman
Founder and the manager of: Aryeh Fredman, Law
, Notary and Mediation Office.

Highly experience in representing and consulting to private clients and corporations in the field of commercial law, labor, real estate, family, representing clients in complicated local and international transactions and litigation in court.

Passed his first degree in law (LL.B) with special excellence (Summa Cum Laude & Dean credited two consecutive years) and passed his second degree in law (LL.M) also with excellence from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya. 
Learned European Business Law at Dusseldorf Law School in Heinrich Heine University, Garmany. He is also an authorized Mediator, listed in the courts mediators list.

Adv. Fredman is also an experienced Rabbinical Pleader in representation in front of many private and rabbinical courts in Israel and abroad, in complicated business disputes, and he graduated (with excellence) from the Harry Fishel Institute for Rabbinical Pleaders – Ariel, and from The High Beit Midrash for Teaching and Yeshivot.

A committee member on the Corporation Law Board and on the Labor Law Board of the Israel Bar Association. A lecturer on the topic of "Business Law – Legal Aspects of Business" since the year 2007, at the Center of Entrepreneurship Promotion (Mati) and in 
The Agency For Business (Maof) at The Ministry of Economy and Industry. Published essays and researche in the field of business law, labor law, and hebrew law. Called often as an export at labor law on radio programs.

Estimated with a mark of 100 by the Committee for Electing Interns for the Supreme Court (one out of thousands of candidates). Specialized in the top leading law office in its field: Sharir, Shiv & Co. Law Offices 
(now merged with Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co's – one of the biggest law firms in Israel) in a broad spectrum of aspects in commercial law including continuous accompaniment of HI Teac and Bio Teac companies, private and public, local and international, and venture capital funds, in international investment deals, capital raising on the Nasdak and Tel-Aviv stock exchange, merger and acquisition deals, liquidations, business agreements, labor law, and commercial litigation.

How You Will Receive Initial Consultation In Our Office?

Contact our office by phone. You can call Adv. Aryeh Fredman directly at is mobile (0544-942600). Already on our phone conversation you will receive preliminary advice (free of charge) concerning your needs.

Alternatively you can receive preliminary legal advice (free of charge) via e-mail.

If needed, a meeting will be set up with adv. Aryeh Fredman or with another lawyer from our staff. From there, your matter will be dealt in the utmost professionally and efficiently, and as quickly as possible and with the utmost courteous, thoroughness, and order until we will achieve the best possible outcome in your matter.

Office Details, Means of Contact, and Arrival Route

Address: Aryeh Fredman, Law
, Notary and Mediation Office, 25 Bavli St., 9th Quarter, Ashdod 7764721
Phone: 08-8555442
Fax: 08-8555443
Mobile: (Adv. Aryeh Fredman) 00972-544-942600
E mail: af@aflo.co.il
Office Hours: Sundays – Thursdays between 8:30 -19:00, after setting a meeting by phone.

Arrival Route: The office is located at 25 Bavli St. in the Ninth Quarter of Ashdod. 
Right near the southern entrance of Ashdod, the 
hospital, and the train station.
For out of the city arrivals: It is advised to enter Ashdod at the southern entrance (Ashdod South intersection) on the no. 4 Highway, right before Ad Halom cross-road. For those arriving from the no. 6 or no. 7 highways, right after the Givat Washington cross-road turn right to the no. 42 highway and follow the signs: "Ashkelon" or "Ashdod South".
From Ashdod South intersection drive straight on Begin Blvd. and continue for one traffic light. After the first traffic light turn right to Hmishna St., and continue 150 M until the end (until the clock tower). Then turn right to Rishon Lezion Blvd. and after 100 M turn right again to Harav Ben Divan Amram St., Continue 80 M until the end and and turn left to 25 Bavli St.

Parking: free, at the parking lot on the site.